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​This year we are introducing a three-on-three basketball competition, and the winners will receive bragging rights and $50.00 gift cards each. When this competition is over, we will all know who is the best in the Elgin area. Registration is free, and we will play at the Elgin Memorial Park (Hwy 95 & Main Street) from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. The Rules are simple.

1) It is a 12-minute game or the first one to 16

2) No Co-Ed team

3) Be at the court 9:00 am to check-in

4) Each game will have a volunteered court sponsor

5) No profanity 

Click the button below to download the Registration Form

Ready to upload your application? Please click the button bellow.

About The Cookout

The community cookout/Festival is back, and we are beyond excited. This free event is hosted by Elgin cares, but the entire community puts it on. We will have food, games, and competitions, not to mention the famous bingo game. Oh, since it is Elgin's 150 birthday, we will have gifts, door prizes, and other giveaways for every age group. So grab the kids, the stroller, Outdoors Armchair, your dog, your pet hamster, your grandmother, and the guy who takes 15 plates from the family reunion; this event is for everyone. And we do me, everyone. Keep reading for more details below.

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